Services Overview

Our Expertise : Installing & Setting up large "Student-Labs" for local Universities.

Our Service Department is responsible for providing all On-Site Services, upgrading, repairing and all the on going maintenance of your equipments. All systems supplied by GT-MICROPRO will carry a full three (3) Years On-Site Warranty for Parts & Labour. Our high quality Service and Support was made possible by our long term relationship with our major partners such as Intel, ASUS, Toshiba, LG, Seagate, WD and Kingston.

For large or small installation, we always provide our own staff to be On-Site to help with the physical installation of all systems. EVERYTHING will be delivered to your site by GT-MICROPRO own delivery personnel. WE DO NOT SHIP THINGS TO YOU BY USING A COURIER COMPANY!!

All systems including monitors, keyboards and mice will be removed from their packaging and be installed onto their allocated desks. All systems will then be properly powered up by our staff as a precaution to make sure everything works.


  • Delivery and On-Site Installation.
  • Disposal of any unwanted packaging.
  • Imaging of all your Systems.
  • Recording of Asset & Serial numbers.
  • Securing of Systems in Student-Labs.

Configuration, Testing & Burning-In


We do provide any configuration of IT equipment as per your organization's requirement. This will be properly tailored as per your specification.


Prior to delivery to your site, all IT equipment will be properly tested and burnt-in by our trained and qualified IT staff.

Vendors & Partners