ASUS "Fastest Growing Partner - 2012"

 Intel NUC Kit DC53427HYE

The smallest possible form factor in desktop computing.  more


ASUS "Best Penetration Partner - 2013"

As a loyal ASUS partner, we work very closely with the ASUS Team to provide the best service to our customers. We can tailor certain of their products to each individual specific requirements. 

Intel Technology Provider (ITP) since 2003.

As an ITP for Intel Australia, we assist our customers by providing updated Intel Technology roadmaps, configuration, assembly, customisation, technical support and driver updates........................

Macquarie University-2



Macquarie University-1

Some of our completed Student-Labs.......

Some of our Vendor Partners


 ASUS Transformer Book

Choice of 10.1" or 13.3" options. Long past are the days of choosing between Tablet and Laptop.  more

 Toshiba Z30 Ultralight - 13.3"

Ultralight weight! With battery weighing only 1.2Kg. Perfect for seasoned travellers.  more

 ASUS 23" All-In-One LED PC

New 4th Generation CPU All-In-One LED PC with Touch Screen. more

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